Sunday, February 22, 2009

sister sister

Children say the darndest things sometimes. My sister on the other hand really gets creative with them. This child is only 3 years old, but still manages to make one look stupid. she talks like a grownup and as not as angelic as she looks. I just came back from visiting friends i haven't seen for about two years and as you can imagine my sister (AKA the bird terrorist) was the hit of the show. everyone was ohhing and ahhhing her but i was not amused. i knew this little monster for what she really was. she just waited until you were off your guard, then BAM she scratches your face. no joke! I've still got the scar to prove it.

example: my little bird terrorist comes up to me all sweet and smiling, i can't help but smile back. "
"you remind me of Mustafa Hosny" she says. Mustafa Hosny, for those who don't know is a Muslim scholar, who's cool, young, and...well, just cool.

" ohhhh, thnx luv" i say, obviously pleased.
" you look like uncle Bob*" she says laughing and then runs off.

i stand there with my mouth open. uncle "bob" is my dad's friend. friendly guy nothing wrong with him. only that me looking like him would mean that i am bald, with big thick glasses, skinny frame, and am the biggest computer nerd! stuff that i totally am not. I'm just pretty as you all know!

* Names have been changed to protect the identity of this person

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