Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"Ma'am, please pull over"

" Mama, I'm pretty sure you need to go faster," i said " we're on a highway."

" No No don't worry" she told me

" no seriously but really your driving left lane"

" Habibtyy habibty have you ever seen anyone get stopped for driving too slow?" she pointed out " if i was speeding, mayyybee, plus it's Christmas day; those cops are probably out there eating donuts and celebrating or something."

" Umm OK if you say so, but there's like a whole line of people behind you, i really think you should speed up."

" the GPS says I'm OK, OK??"

khalas, OK whatever mama. "

i drift off to sleep to the rhythmic sound of the wheels over the asphalt and just as I'm beginning to dream of flying horses and what not, i get disturbed maybe a few minutes later to,


"Ma'am, may i please see your license?"

and the always " Do you know why i stopped you?" he asked rhetorically " because you were driving under the speed limit, and on the left lane."

my mom looks accusingly at the GPS " the GPS told me to turn left, let me show you." she proceeds to show him, the cursed thing had really told her to turn left, but after four miles...tricky

the officer left her with a warning, and my mom was left feeling betrayed by the GPS, hey i warned her.

Gladly though we cleared up some misconceptions. You CAN get stopped for driving under the speed limit and and the officer had no doughnuts, yea i know!! Not even any doughnut holes!

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