Monday, February 16, 2009


I have been absent from the life of blogging for some time now, although you probably have not noticed, but its true.
It was horrible really, it was the most mind-numbing, life-sucking, exhausting ordeal in my life. you thought university was all fun and play, and three exams and a paper for a class were not such a big deal right? well think again.

glued to a library chair, and probably permanently too, i started feeling heart pain. i could actually feel my heart hurting. i was going to die. with the given circumstances, with three mid-terms the same day, each about 35% of my grade, how i would do would determine if i lived the rest of my life flipping burgers( no offense) or actually have a career and considering that all were following each other. one would think that i would be glad to die and not have to deal with all the tension.

"Hell NO" i screamed " I am not going to die"
" i can't, you know how much I've studied for these exams!"

meanwhile people started looking at me and my friends backed away slowly from the table.

" OK" i negotiated to an unseen something " when I'm done with the exams, i can die."
"it's seriously better that way, that way i can have more time time to prepare and all, and i won't even come back for revenge."

after the exam(s), relief flooded over me. I was happy. I wanted to celebrate. better yet, let me sleep and and not wake me up until next week. i called my mom to give her the good news. BIG MISTAKE! I might have mentioned that i did better on two exams than the third, this news was probably telepathically told to my dad who still remains mad at me for reasons unknown

Maybe I should have died before the exam.

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