Monday, September 17, 2012

Missing Cairo

I've opened my blog twice then closed it, wanting to write a post but not knowing where to start. Alhmdllah i feel alive, despite the fact that 2 days ago when i came back from Egypt i was depressed. Thank God for friends. Honestly the difference between the busy bustling loud and crowded streets of Cairo and between the quietness of my city in Canada are striking. I'de take the busy any day. I think the greatest thing that struck me in Egypt is that history is everywhere! literally, I'll be walking next to a century old building, or gates from some older dynasty, people walk around it not giving a shit, but to me that clashing of old with new makes me get goosebumps. Never the dull moment in Egypt, I've countless times fallen and refallen in love with my country.

Enough of my love letter though, after some mishaps with Egypt airlines, I'm finally back home. Two weeks behind in school but nonetheless here's for planning on having a great year and a memorable last semester.


View of Cairo from atop

Masjid Muhammad Ali

One of what was once an old gate of Cairo, Khan Elkalili

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