Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fish Tragedy

My little brother the other day won a little goldfish and he was ecstatic. He called it Susu and put it in our pond that's in the backyard. Sadly, that was short-lived.

Little Brother: wahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Mama: Ehhh, fe ehhh? (What's wronggg?)

LB: Susuuuu died (wahhhhhh)

Mama: It's ok I'll get you another one, don't cry!

LB: but i loved Susuuuuuuu

Mama: We all die at the end, it's okk

LB: but Susu was soo young. Like only a few days old. WHYYYY DID HE HAVE TO DIE!!!

Mama .......

LB: Does that mean on the day of Judgement he'll turn to dust?? I'll never see him again ahhhhhh

Mama: no no, you can ask to see him again then. I'll just get you a new one!!

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