Tuesday, June 14, 2011

As for me, I'm riding a camel

I'm done with school, and studying for the LSAT and God does it feel weird! It's been so long since i've actually had anytime just to myself to actually hang out with my friends, go for ice cream and take it easy. Alhmdllah, loving it! hope it lasts. I've been realllly wanting to go to Egypt except for the fact that i don't want to be stuck at home, especially with my dad's side of the family i know how these trips end up, with me coming home dami ma7roo2 ( my blood boiling) and since my whole family is in Cairo, and my friends will mostly be touring around Egypt, there goes any chance of me going with my friends anywhere like Luxor or Aswan. wish my brother would go with me! yaaa so i'll first have to figure out this little dilema of mine and then go from there. How's summer for everyone? or depending on what side of the world your on, Winter????

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