Friday, August 21, 2009

Mama, i'm in the pictures!

SO the other day while at the beach I'm sitting there under my orange towel trying to get dry when a little of from beside me comes a big group of people dressed all in white. well i was like they're either angels or people taking pictures for an ad, and i was right!! well not the angel part. so I'm sitting and these little girls are running up and down the beach while a cameraman is snapping pictures. they looked like they knew their stuff. after a while of this picture taking i realized that i was in the background of these pictures. so people if any of you happen to come upon ads with white clad people running around on the beach and theres a lady in a red hijab, purple leggings and an orange towel around herself, that's me!

I just found out that you shouldn't go in the water with brightly colored clothes because that attracts sharks, i think i attracted more people's attention though.I need a burkini that'll show 'em

last but not least RAMADAN KAREEEM!!!!!


  1. Ramadan mubarak too darlin
    that is soooooooooooooo funny hope your pose was gd to make up the rest hahahahahaaa

  2. Thx ladies Ramadan mubarak to you all!!