Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Driving around town

we were driving by, nothing out of the usual when from the car next to us a little girl peered at me and my hijab. then two other little heads looked out from their back window watching me. i looked at them and smiled to myself at their bemusement and wonder. i waved to the little girl still watching and she waved back. just then the road forked and we parted ways, probably forever.
That really made my day, not sure why but for two people for a moment in time to have that human connection and put aside differences, ok i'm probably going all deep and overboard with this and most likely the little girl was just waving cause i waved at her and that's what kids do :P

my laptop is still sick :( so sad i don't think it will be able to fast this Ramadan with us, so sad since that would mark it's one year anniversary with me

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  1. Yeah u know ur so True... Moments like that I face alot in my week, Like an old man passing and then u stop and let him pass and smile at his face, just a small smile didn't cost me a dime or sweat, but it made him feel better, made me feel happy even for that 1 sec. and makes me think If ppl just smiled at each others faces on moments like that, More love, Silent communications for instances, make ppls day, then I knew that Smiling is a Sunnah- y am I not Surprized! :)