Sunday, October 23, 2011

Will not model for food.

I'm seeing a trend here, I mostly write when I'm super busy. I have a million things to do and then I'm like, "wait, i have a blog don't i?"
because logically that's what you do.
Hey, at least i have a cover page of one of my papers done. Check.

so the other day i had a photoshoot which was super exciting and interesting. I never thought modelling actually required talent, like wahhh? i know!  Things which i have no innate skill at, not to mention that  it's tiring as hell. Change into this, go over there, stand like that. I have trouble taking orders from people Ok! I haven't gotten all the photos back yet so I'm not sure how they turned out but I'm ubber excited.
So here's a sneak peak. 

Other than that it's mostly school, school, school, work, meeting, school, work. 

Personal checklist: 
- Essay Proposal 
- Prepare discussion questions for meeting 
- Conference lecture outline on Egyptian Revolution
- Book hall for event
- recruit people for flash mob 
- Cover letter and Resume 
- Breathe 

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