Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Soul Seeker

It amazes me that at the height of such a holy month as Ramadan for Muslims, you have people who could care less to take advantage of it. You find people fighting in front of the Masjid while "fasting". Throwing plates and plates of food in the garbage, missing prayer and gossiping like there is no tomorrow. It has become all about the food, the different types and how much of it to make in order to impress the guests. Like many holidays in different religions that in the start were about purifying one's soul, it has turned into a commercialized one.

For me it only makes sense that having an opportunity to feed and grow your soul, one would do so. Just as we take time to feed our bodies, minds, and other human desires, the soul needs to be nurtured as well, more so than anything. Instead of using our bodies as just vehicles and shells to grow and care for our souls, we have instead suppressed them and taken every precaution to take care of our outwardly appearance, and at times I'm just as guilty.

It's like simple math. Except for some, 2+2 doesn't always add to 4.

May we all find our inner peace and attain serenity


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