Sunday, May 30, 2010

black with white stripes that must be the heck did you think Zebra!

I saw it when I was trying to find a way to sneak out my window

I know, i  know i sound all rebellious trying to sneak out of a window

but actually all i was trying to do was see if there was a way i could go sit on the porch and watch the stars w/o actually opening the door because that would have made too much noise and everyone was sleeping.

it all sounded perfect in my head

so there i was at my window trying to figure out a way, when i thought i glimpsed something on the porch. Since I'm totally blind (even with my contacts in) it took me a while to adjust.

Lo and behold, 10 minutes of blinking was a SKUNK! I was so darn excited, i wanted to whip out my camera and flash it at the skunk. I'm not sure my mom would appreciate the smell tomorrow morning though.

I'm not sure why exactly i think people would want to see a skunk eating the cats' leftovers on the porch but heck that seemed exciting to me.

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