Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Midsummers Momment

Throwing my flip flops to the side i sat on the swing and dug my toes into the dirt beneath my feet.
i pushed back as far as i could get, swinging back and forth i remembered the days when swinging on the swings meant long conversations.
It was where important decisions were made, and friendships renewed.
It was the reconnection with nature as your legs tried touching the trees,the breeze tickled your face, and the sunshine danced around your shoulders.
It was there that Rainbows were watched after long rain showers, making the smiles creep slowly on your face.
Where when you were overwhelmed it was just easy to swing it all away.
Where screams echoed on who could jump the furthest.
where you believed that swinging high enough maybe you could touch the clouds.
It was on the swings that i started my summer.


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