Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Different Personalities, Same Person.

Life has a weird way of letting you experience all the things you swore you would never do.
Perhaps it's drugs or maybe something as little as trying a particular food or looking at life from the eyes of a particular ideology. Then all of a sudden you look out and you are everything you said you never would be. Sometimes it's good and you wonder at your previous state of mind or what you would call close mindedness. Other times, you become that thing you hated most, you embody its essence and breathe its soul.
We all experience it to some degree or another, sometimes noticeable other times not.
I guess where i'm heading with this is that I've noticed myself being that person who looks back and discovers that she's a whole other person. The one who's almost shocked at the changes which came little by little to all of a sudden open my eyes and find the person who i am today.
It's not in a bad way mind you, I'm actually glad to have reached where i am today.
and to this, cheers all around!

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