Sunday, September 25, 2011

Not for a state of Palestine

One of my best friends moved back to Palestine recently, with all that's been going on about Palestine going to the UN to be voted in as an official state i spoke with her to get an idea of how Palestinians were dealing with the idea. At first, i was very much for the idea but then through talking to people and doing a little more in-depth research it looked to me as if a Palestinian state isn't actually in the interests of Palestinians.

Before i get jumped on as anti-Palestinian here's what's going on. In the occupied Palestinian territories, Palestinians have no actual economy, the items actually used by them are mostly all made in Israel. So say there is a Palestinian state how is it to thrive with no apparent economy? Secondly, establishing a Palestinian state what does that actually  change? considering that during this whole time the UN has recognized that Israel has had several sanctions placed against it but has anything actually changed. There is nothing binding about these sanctions so why would Israel comply!

Anyways that is the short synopsis on what I've got to say about the matter, maybe not what people would automatically think is a pro-Palestine stance but nonetheless, it is my approach to it.

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